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Welcome to RITU, a global GIS data processing and software development outsourcing company. Since founded in 2002, RITU has accumulated an incredible amount of expertise in the field of geospatial (GIS data creation and processing, GIS application development and maintenance) by serving a variety of industries and governments. Staffed with talented engineers, our development centre at Guangzhou, China offers you a full set of timely, creative and cost effective services.

  • City Infrastructure Management
  • The running of cities is based on numeous city infrastructures, including utilities, sanitation facilities, transportation
  • By surveying the facilities with high precision and collecting the attributes of them, RITU helped the municipality of Shunde city to build up a well-populated spatial database of facilities. Then an information system (Web application) was developed to support daily inspection (with an androids mobiles phones) and maintinence. The system has been running for 5 years and was updated twice to meet new requirements.
  • After using this system, Shunde's image is always top-ranked in the region.
  • Navigable map data processing
  • After 8 years and millions dollars in investment, RITU created navigable map covering every portion of China, namely 31 provinces, 337 prefectural-Level cities, 2927 counties, 40000 towns, 600000 villages.
  • With its mapping cars, aerial images and high resolution satellite images, RITU frequently scanned China and updated road networks, POIs and background using its cutting-edge mapping process and platform.
  • With this proven ability, RITU is willing to cooperate with map vendors in other countries.

RITU Information Systems Co.,Ltd.


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Development Centre

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